Cybersecurity Marketplace

The Marketplace is a work in progress list of cybersecurity companies with their relevant solution offerings. For the sake of brevity, I have tried to group the skill sets under related headings, with a further breakdown below:

Application Security includes Web and Mobile Application Security

Business Continuity / Incident Response includes SIEM, Data Breach Incident Management and Disaster Recovery.

Compliance includes Auditing, Governance, Security Policy and Legislation.

Data Security includes Privacy, Database Security, Information Management, Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention.

Encryption includes PKI, SSH, SSL/TLS Certificates and Digital Signatures.

Identity & Access Management includes Biometrics, Authentication and Single Sign On.

Internet Security includes Web Filtering / Security, Email Security and Unified Communications.

Mobile Security includes VPN, Mobile Device Management, and BYOD.

Network Security includes Firewalls, End Point Security, Unified Threat Management, Virtualisation and Wireless Security.

Risk Management includes Vulnerability Assessment and Management, Security and Big Data Analytics and Threat Intelligence.

25/06/18 - Update: After discovering a new data source I have now updated the table below with additional listings. However, as you can see, some of the fields are blank and I'm working on getting these updated asap so please bear with me.

28/06/18 - Update: I have set up a Google Custom Search engine using only cybersecurity companies ( approx 3,200 vendors ) for indexing. Over time I will be adding other relevant data sources like blogs, news sites etc.

Here is the same table in a gallery format:

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